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    Today's Football
    Wolf1877 - December 28, 9:17 am
    [quote=Kai post_id=208003 time=1577506294 user_id=14020] You guys have quite a player in A...
    VWAP on Advanced Charts ???
    Geordie - December 28, 9:07 am
    Australian racing
    gazuty - December 28, 8:25 am
    Love coming back to base on a day like today to find the bots have quietly worked away to ...
    smallest pc / micro etc
    mobius - December 28, 7:42 am
    £112.00 [attachment=0]x230.jpg[/attachment] At this price it only comes with 4GB of memory...
    VPS questions
    megarain - December 28, 6:35 am
    All servers with Windows server 2008 R2 Standard installed crashed yesterday. The ones wi...
    Today's Cricket
    Kai - December 28, 4:50 am
    [quote=Naffman post_id=208004 time=1577506606 user_id=12237]He has form too - remember his...
    Peter webb
    Euler - December 27, 10:21 pm
    I always have a backlog of people I need to speak to. So posting something here would be t...
    In-play delay - Match Odds ( Soccer )
    lmigueltavares - December 27, 9:47 pm
    [b]Wolves vs Man City (in-play delay 7secs)[/b] If the in-play delay is 7 secs what is the...
    Extracting betfair prices to excel
    Jukebox - December 27, 9:44 pm
    Derek27 - December 27, 7:57 pm
    :evil: [attachment=0]Capture.PNG[/attachment]...
    Today's Horse Racing
    wilf - December 27, 3:58 pm
    Good to hear Dallas. I also enjoyed today and was pretty consistent. Yesterday was too he...
    Bookmaking the place market.
    salmanim140i - December 27, 3:22 pm
    Hi Dallas, No I did not do that as was not sure what that feature did. However I did find...
    automation rule for detecting joint second or third placed horses
    biglesdog - December 27, 3:01 pm
    Thanks for the information. I do have a relative odds set to make sure that my selection i...
    Help Needed: Excel Array
    spreadbetting - December 27, 2:26 pm
    [quote=Cardano post_id=207964 time=1577450779 user_id=19745] I'm obvoiusly struggling to e...
    Money management form stock market trader
    Kai - December 27, 2:11 pm
    I really like the part where he says : "Trading is not a test of your analytical abilities...
    Football automation - 2 different markets
    Dallas - December 27, 12:24 pm
    Yes, see the following example http://www.tianzhuan59.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=162...
    smarkets 3% commission
    Naffman - December 27, 10:50 am
    [quote=spreadbetting post_id=207956 time=1577442819 user_id=3492] Smarkets have always bee...
    Today's Greyhounds
    MemphisFlash - December 27, 10:19 am
    [attachment=0]7 day total.JPG[/attachment] Total Over Christmas period. Time to hit the ...
    Betfair charts after the event
    pete444 - December 27, 2:21 am
    Thanks Jukebox. Will double-check everything as well...
    one click top 3 in the betting
    Jukebox - December 27, 2:12 am
    You could create a custom column on the OCS for a continually updating, shared stored valu...


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