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  • Bet Angel Free

    Free Betfair trading software - Bet Angel Basic


    Version 2.3.1

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    Bet Angel Basic

    Bet Angel - Basic is free software that enables you to do basic exchange trading. It features one click betting, fast refresh rates, one click auto refreshing charting, on screen viewing of your open bets and a momentum indicator. Not only that, but it also includes a 'greening up' function that allows you to equalise any profit you have made right across the entire field you are trading on before an event has started. This enables you to guarantee a win even before the start of a sports event, regardless of what happens in it. It’s a revelation for traditional sports market participants.

    Bet Angel Basic is significantly different from the professional edition. If you are really serious about attempting to make money from these markets, we recommend that you trial Bet Angel Professional. Bet Angel Professional is available on a long trial which will enable you to really understand the benefits of this powerful software.

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